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Quick and Clean offers commercial cleaning services in Tallahassee and other quality cleaning services as well. As our name implies, not only do we do a superb job cleaning we are also quick and efficient. For your business we are your answer to making your space sparkle.

Each commercial space, be it an office or store has a unique set of cleaning needs. First, we will work with you to determine what those needs are and create a checklist. Our team will abide by that list to ensure your satisfaction each and every time. We offer attention to detail, solid relationships with our clients, quality work, trained employees and affordable pricing. As a business, you want to put your best foot forward to customers and a clean and professional office is a great way to impress!

Scheduling service is easy and as flexible as you need us to be. Based on your circumstances we clean daily, weekly, monthly or other time you may need. The Quick and Clean team will even come after business hours. We come equipped with cleaning supplies and state-of-the-art commercial equipment, but will use your products if you want us to.

Commercial cleaning services in Tallahassee include, but are not limited to:

  • Spot clean entrance glass
  • Wipte/ dust common area
  • Empty/ line trash bins
  • Clean/ sanitize drinking fountains
  • Clean kitchen counters and sinks
  • Clean exterior kitchen appliances
  • Clean kitchen walls/ cabinets
  • Clean interior glass
  • Dust ledges
  • Dust/ sanitize phones
  • Dust office equipment
  • Dust desks
  • Dust clocks/ pictures
  • Dust window sills, blinds and baseboards
  • Clean door jams/ corners


  • Clean and sanitize toilets, sinks, urinals
  • Clean/ polish chrome
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clean and fill dispensers
  • Spot clean walls
  • Vacuum mats
  • Clean glass/ mirrors

Feel free to contact us for any Commercial cleaning services in the Tallahassee and Leon County area.

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Quick Tip!

Don’t forget to clean behind the printers and copy machines. Printers that see a high amount of traffic produce small particles of paper which linger underneath and behind the machine. Left to their own devices, these undetected paper particles can gather into larger, more harmful colonies of dust, which could damage your machines and sabotage your company’s workflow. For copy machines, it’s also important to wipe down all glass surfaces, especially those that do the actual copying. Prints and smudges will transfer over to any documents copied, rendering your work unprofessional, or worse—illegible.

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